We specialise in the design of bespoke turbines manufactured in France. Our turbines are machined from the ground up, which allows us to control all the stages of production and ensure unequalled dimensional accuracy. We make them with exceptional attention to detail so that everything runs perfectly!


A revolutionary rotating device, the turbine allows us to take off. The mechanical energy produced by the turbine drives another rotating mechanism propelling us into new spheres. Beyond the limits.


Turbine construction requires the use of high-alloyed steels to withstand thermal, mechanical and chemical stresses, or even the use of “super alloys” (such as Inconels).


Our main field of expertise is aeronautics: we design and build turbojet engines to propel your jets, gliders and radio-controlled aircraft beyond the horizon.

Turbines for aeronautics

Our turbines are designed and manufactured by us to propel you towards your destiny. Pushing the boundaries and becoming part of aviation history.


The most widely used means of propulsion in aeronautics is turbojet. The turbojet engine is a propulsion system that transforms the chemical energy potential contained in the fuel into kinetic energy. This is how we send your planes into the air!


Our turbines form the basis of the turbojet engine. The motive power is transmitted by the gas flow through the reactor before being ejected through the nozzle. The applications of gas turbines are directly related to their specific advantages. Thus, the very high-power density and power output of our turbines are well suited to aerospace propulsion, especially in jets.


Turbojet engines are used on all civil aircraft because they are the only technology that can break the sound barrier on a limited budget. In addition, by limiting leakage, our seals maximise the efficiency of our jet engines. This is all the more important because on board an aircraft, the turbojet engine is not only propulsive, but it also provides the necessary energy on board.

Turbines for aeronautics

Turbines for model aircraft

We imagine, design and produce new turbines for model aircraft. Model aviation is a form of model making that has evolved along with aeronautics. Thus, aeromodelling seeks to reproduce flight and piloting techniques, through original models.


The appearance of the aircraft is taken from real scale models or left to the imagination of the designer. Our turbines are used in particularly realistic and high-performance model aircraft. With an eye for detail and an ambition for perfection, we seek to test, experiment and improve our turbines every day. Model aviation gives us the same adrenaline as aeronautics.


Our turbines, designed and manufactured entirely in France in Eschbach, Alsace, can power the best jets in the country. We have the know-how to custom fit your aircraft to make your flying experience an unforgettable adventure. Our passion for model aircraft keeps us on our toes with constant technological innovations to keep our turbines at the cutting edge! With our turbines, we can fly from anywhere, even outside the cockpit!

Another advantage of turbines is that they are an external combustion engine. As a result, all fuels, including the cheapest, can be used to power it. Our turbojet engines have a particularly low maintenance cost and a remarkable longevity.

Turbines for model aircraft

Thrust from our turbines

Our turbines are functional from 18 kg and 21 kg. Our research and development department works on thrusts from 10 to 50 kg. Contact us for any other request.

Thrust from our turbines