What is it?

Milling is the result of five movements combined to remove material. It works by the rotation of the cutting tool coupled with the advance of the part to be machined.


Our milling machines are particularly suited to the machining of prismatic parts but can also produce all types of complex or revolutionary shapes.


Our efficient and responsive milling squadron frequently requires additional turning work.

What is it?

Our numerically controlled milling machines

ALM Méca stands out in demanding industrial sectors such as agricultural machinery, industrial valves and railways thanks to its innovative milling machines offering numerous technological solutions.

Our 6 numerically controlled milling machines in detail:

3 axis machining center Weight of the realizable parts : 1200 Kg Max length (x) : 1220 mm Max width (y) : 600 mm Max depth (z) : 610 mm
4 axis machining center Weight of the realizable parts : 800 Kg Max length (x) : 1020 mm Max width (y) : 510 mm Max depth (z) : 510 mm
5 axis machining center : Type UMILL-6 Weight of the realizable parts : 600 Kg Max length (x) : 700 mm Max width (y) : 740 mm Max depth (z) : 550 mm