We have a mind of steel! We manufacture customised mechanical parts (prototypes or series) in steel. Steel is a metal alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon in proportions of carbon between 0.02% and 2%.


It is the proportion of carbon and its additives that gives this alloy the properties and characteristics of steel. There are, in fact, other ferrous alloys that are not steels, such as cast iron (which we also use).


Steel is designed to resist chemical and mechanical deformations.

Advantages of steel Advantages of steel

Advantages of steel

The main advantage of steels consists in the accumulation of remarkable values in the fundamental mechanical properties:


  •  An elongation is a resistance to exceptional plastic deformation
  • Incredible breaking strength 
  • Resilience is a very high resistance to shocks
  • Incomparable hardness


Iron ore is quite abundant on earth and its reduction into steel is well controlled. When the price is of primary importance in your choice, steels are therefore to be preferred in most industrial fields. Furthermore, the weldability of steels is inversely proportionate to their carbon content.

Finally, the steel is almost entirely recyclable (thanks to the scrap metal industry).