ALM Méca is the story of an innovative company united around a common passion: aeronautics. It is this passion that drives us to always strive for excellence. Defying gravity to reach the top.


Aeronautics is therefore our preferred sector as well as our main area of innovation. Aeronautics sets us on fire!


Aeronautics encourages us to push the boundaries of the industry. Thus, it is with audacity and enthusiasm that we design turbines machined from the ground up, in France. Model aviation allows us to conquer new markets. And also to test the most perfect rotor balance.

Precision machining in aeronautics

Precision machining designed to get you off the ground! The field of aeronautics comprises the science and technology of building and operating an aircraft in the earth’s atmosphere. Our objective is therefore to manufacture the mechanical parts that enable the propulsion, lift (i.e. keeping in the air) and landing of aircraft.


We specialise in precision machining for the aviation industry. We now manufacture all the metal parts required for the power train and landing gear.


Our customised aeronautical parts are machined exclusively with our numerically controlled  machines to achieve the highest possible level of precision. In addition, in order to guarantee the highest quality of work, we have been ISO 9001 certified for several years.


Precision machining in aeronautics is an opportunity for our milling and turning machines to achieve feats in terms of both innovation and the complexity of the parts. We are therefore fully aware of the challenges related to the reliability and durability of these metal parts. Our next step is ISO 9100 certification.

Precision machining in aeronautics

Design of turbines for aeronautics

We design and manufacture, down to the smallest detail, customised turbines for the aeronautical sector that are unique in France.


Our turbines will propel you beyond the limits!


The most widely used means of propulsion in aeronautics is the turbo-reactor. Machined from the ground up, our turbines form the basis of the turbojet engine, a propulsion system that transforms the chemical energy potential contained in the fuel, together with the ambient air, into kinetic energy on the basis of a centrifugal compressor.


A small step for ALM Méca, a big step for aeronautics!