Precision mechanical turning is used to design metal parts by means of an axis and rotation that forms rounded volumes such as cones, pins or cylinders.


Our lathes are particularly suitable for machining cylindrical parts but can also produce other types of complex shapes (3 and 4 axes).


We are distinguished in highly specialised sectors such as aeronautics, automotive and railways, thanks to our state-of-the-art turning machines offering numerous technological solutions.

Our numerically controlled lathes

Our numerically controlled  lathes allow us to manufacture both small and large parts. Simple and complex forms. Indeed, the diversity of our machine tools offers a range of solutions adapted to your different specifications.


Our 6 numerically controlled  turning machines in detail:

  • 2-axis lathe: DOOSAN type PUMA 4100 and MONFORT type HFC-1500
  • 3-axis lathe: DOOSAN type PUMA 400 LM, DOOSAN type LYNX 220 and GOODWAY type GV1600
  • 4-axis lathe: GOODWAY type GLS2200
Our numerically controlled  lathes

Our CNC turning machines :

4 axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 180 mm Length : 450 mm Weight per piece : 90 kg
Vertical 3-axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 1800 mm Length : 900 mm Weight per piece : 2 To
3 axis horizontal numerical control lathe Diameter : 450 mm Length : 2000 mm Weight per piece : 1 To

2-axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 400 mm Length : 1000 mm Weight per piece : 1 To