ALM Méca - Precision mechanics, machining and turbines.

Machining of custom mechanical parts and design of the best turbines in France. Milling, turning, welding and finishing for perfection.
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Company ALM Méca

ALM Méca wants to get you off the ground. We are an innovative machining company with a reputation in many industries. Our expertise in precision mechanics is supported by our high-tech machinery. We manufacture customised mechanical parts and plans for well-oiled orders.


ALM Méca always aims for excellence. Our predilection for aeronautics encourages us to push us to our limits. With boldness and passion, we design turbines machined from mass-produced parts that have never been seen before in France.

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As sharp as a fighter plane, we intercept the slightest problem. This way, we optimise every step of the manufacturing process. We are at your disposal to meet your requirements with efficiency and precision.
We invest in state-of-the-art technology. Machines, processes and materials all contribute to the machining achievement. Innovation is our true vocation and the means by which we push the limits of the industrial world.
We work meticulously to achieve perfection. Our products are the result of great attention to detail. In order to guarantee the best possible service, we are ISO 9001 certified.
Our mission:

Be one step ahead.

Going the extra mile.

Precision mechanics


ALM Méca specialises in general precision mechanics. Regular investment in new numerically controlled machines (NCMs) and new inspection equipment (3D) enables ALM Méca to stay one step ahead.


We have unquestionable know-how to satisfy the most demanding technical requirements of our customers, and we machine with the utmost precision.

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Machining is an industrial epic for us. Our machines allow the machining of customised metal parts thanks to our mastery of the main manufacturing processes. We are constantly improving our milling, turning, welding and finishing techniques, as well as our cutting and inspection techniques.


We perform precision machining on all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and many alloys. Our know-how is particularly well known in the manufacture of steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts.

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Aeronautics allows us to defy gravity. It is with this power that we get up every morning. Invested with a mission: to push the boundaries of the industry.


Aeronautics is therefore our preferred sector and our main area of innovation. It is with passion and composure that we design revolutionary turbines made in France. Model aviation allows us to conquer new markets.

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