Other materials

We manufacture customised mechanical parts (prototypes or series) in many metals or alloys. Although we mainly use steel, stainless steel and aluminium, we can also machine cast iron or other rare alloys such as Inconel.

Cast iron Cast iron

Cast iron

Our cast irons will make you melt! We can machine customised mechanical parts in cast iron. Cast irons are distinguished from other iron alloys by their excellent castability and higher carbon content than steel.


There are several classifications of cast iron, but the most commonly used distinguishes between white cast iron (made of iron and cementite) and grey cast iron (made of iron and graphite). And as ALM Méca is versatile, our teams master both!


Advantages of cast iron


  • The remarkable castability of the iron makes it an alloy with exceptional thermal inertia.
  • Cast iron is the material that best retains the heat to diffuse it slowly and redistribute it evenly.
  • Cast iron is often preferred in the automotive industry as it has excellent dimensional stability and good vibration absorption properties.
  • Cast iron is less expensive than aluminium, not least because it is relatively easy to produce.


  • Considered a “superalloy“, Inconel is “nickel chrome“!We can machine custom mechanical parts in Inconel.The word “Inconelrefers to various metal alloys.

    Inconels are widely used in the aeronautics industry and represent almost 50% of the total weight of an aircraft engine, no less!


Advantages of Inconel

  • Inconels are highly resistant to corrosion and heat. This is why they are particularly used in the aeronautics industry!
  • Inconels have exceptional ductility.
  • Inconels have a remarkable lifespan.