Aluminium brightens up and enlightens our days! We manufacture customised mechanical parts (prototypes or series) in aluminium. Aluminium is the chemical element with the atomic number 13 (Al) and is always a lucky charm!


Despite the sometimes-complex technical nature of its processing, we have a perfect command of its remarkable properties to machine it with precision.

Advantages of aluminium

Advantages of aluminium

We particularly like:


  • Its famous lightness
  • Its high resistance to corrosion
  • Its varied formatting 
  • Its long-lasting colouring
  • Its incredible malleability 


Ideal for bead blasting and / or tribofinishing : its appearance becomes satiny, matte, glossy or mirror polished according to your requirements


It is fully recyclable. More precisely: it is almost infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality, provided that alloys composed differently are not mixed.