Precision mechanics

Precision mechanics is the theoretical basis of our flight log.


Based on determinism, precision mechanics unerringly propels you towards your destiny. Thus, the behaviour of the mechanical system is fully predictable. Our machines allow repetitive work to be carried out efficiently, reliably and with high precision. Always on target!


Precision mechanics is therefore our manufacturing framework for the machining of your customised metal parts in small or medium series.

Advantages of precision mechanics

  • Create a particularly precise and reliable movement.
  • Increase the life of your mechanical parts.
  • Optimise quality control through greater machine accuracy (reducing scrap, rework and conventional inspections).
  • Improve the interchangeability and interoperability of components so that parts manufactured by others can be replaced or supplemented.
  • Refining the miniaturisation and density of the packaging.
  • Achieving new technological advances!

A highly innovative machine park

ALM Méca has state-of-the-art machinery.

Since 2015, we regularly renew our machines in order to meet the most precise demands of our customers. In milling and turning, in welding and finishing, we aim for perfection. With our new numerically controlled machines (NCMs)  and three-dimensional inspection equipment, we can help you reach your destiny. Together, we are making history in French industry.

Our high-tech machinery allows us to push the limits of precision mechanics. We have twelve numerically controlled machines dedicated to milling and turning.

These numerically controlled  machines allow us to machine the most complex parts in the shortest possible time. These machines are the flagship of the industry. They are the dynamic structure of our mechanical squadron.

Numerical control milling :

3 axis machining center Weight of the realizable parts : 1200 Kg Max length (x) : 1220 mm Max width (y) : 600 mm Max depth (z) : 610 mm
4 axis machining center Weight of the realizable parts : 800 Kg Max length (x) : 1020 mm Max width (y) : 510 mm Max depth (z) : 510 mm
5 axis machining center : Type UMILL-6 Weight of the realizable parts : 600 Kg Max length (x) : 700 mm Max width (y) : 740 mm Max depth (z) : 550 mm

Numerical control turning :

4 axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 180 mm Length : 450 mm Weight per piece : 90 kg
Vertical 3-axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 1800 mm Length : 900 mm Weight per piece : 2 To
3 axis horizontal numerical control lathe Diameter : 450 mm Length : 2000 mm Weight per piece : 1 To

2-axis numerical control lathe Diameter : 400 mm Length : 1000 mm Weight per piece : 1 To

External cylindrical grinding :

Machine type RCNC250 Lipemec Between point : 250 mm Maximum diameter : 180 mm Lg rectified : 195 mm