Precision machining is epic industrial work. This mechanical adventure, involving a squadron of machines, consists of working the metal by removing material to give it the desired size and shape.


Each machine has specific cutting tools. With an almost mythological power and precision. Our turning and milling machines, like our operators, seem to invoke Vulcan in every machine. The algorithmic power of digital technology is linked here to the ancestral powers of metallurgy.

Our machining processes

When machining a mechanical part, material is removed by the combination of two relative movements between the part and the tool: the cutting movement and the feed movement. The accuracy of the machining is therefore dependent on the setting and programming of our machine tools.


Our machine tools allow the machining of customised metal parts thanks to our mastery of the complementary processes of milling, turning, cutting, inspecting, welding and finishing.

Our machined materials

Our numerically controlled machine (NCM) tools allow for partial automation of procedures. This computerised automation optimises the prototyping and mass production of metal parts, making it easier to meet specifications in record time.

We perform precision machining on all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals and many alloys. We excel in the manufacture of steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts.